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How long does delivery take?

We can only provide estimates as we do not control the courier companies.


Delivery Estimates

QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC metro areas           1-2 working days

TAS, SA, WA metro areas                          2-3 working days

NT and NZ and most non-metro areas      3-5 working days

Very remote areas                                      Up to 15 working days



How much is delivery?

Australia: Delivery is free throughout Australia for any standard product on our website. Any custom request will require the delivery address for a price.


New Zealand: Standard business cards are free to New Zealand but all other products will need to be quoted separately.


Other countries: All prices will need to be quoted separately.


What dispatch options do you have?

Next day dispatch*                                      Add 50% to standard prices

Cheetah dispatch (3 working days)            Add 25% to standard prices

Gazelle (5 working days)                           Add 5% to standard prices

Lizard (7 working days)                             Standard Price for selected products

Turtle (15 working days)                            Standard Price for selected products

*Next working day dispatch when you order by 10am and applies to quantities 1000 and less


Not all products will have all of the dispatch options. Please see this catalogue or our website for details.


How can I pay?

We use Paypal so that you can shop with confidence. Paypal allows you to pay via your bank account or credit card. Unfortunately we do not accept cash.

For terms please see below.


Where are you located?

We are located in Queensland, however we sometimes outsource to Victorian and Western Australian companies when time is tight. We do not allow pick ups from our location.


Are your products printed digitally or offset?

All of our paper printing is normally done on offset presses but it will depend on the order and the deadline. If this is a concern please call or email us and see when the next offset run for you particular product and quantity is available.


How does your 5% price beat challenge work?

1. We normally require proof of the competitors quote.

2. The product specifications normally need to be exact.

3. The final price we provide must not be below our cost price.

4. We do not price beat plant for the plant products.


Our 5% price beat challenge also applies to non-standard products and quantities not found on our website.


Do you do colour matching or PMS colours?

We can't colour match, but we can print PMS for larger jobs (as a general guide this is for quotes $500 and higher). Contact us for a quote. 


Can I apply for terms?

If you are a publically listed company or a government agency we may choose to grant you terms. If you do receive terms from us, we add 2% to all prices. Terms range from 7 days to 28 days and will depend on a risk assessment.


Do you keep credit card information on file?

No. We use PayPal and have no contact with your credit card information.


Do your prices include GST?

We provide a sub-total (which excludes GST), the GST amount of the purchase and a grand total (which includes GST) on our quick quote calculator. All prices that are static (for example our website prices) include GST by default unless otherwise stated.


Why are your prices so low?

We normally do not provide terms to customers so our business is secure. The Commonwealth Bank estimates that late payments to Australian small business is about $10.4 billion per year which wastes 16.5 million work hours chasing these late payments. Print Commercial doesn't have these problems and the savings are passed to you, often resulting in a saving of up to 50% compared to traditional printers.


Why do some products come separately?

This will depend on the dispatch time you have selected. If you have selected priority for one product and not the other, we will dispatch separately. If one product is available sooner than the other, we may dispatch separately.


Can I order smaller quantities that are not listed on your website?

Unfortunately not.


Can I order larger quantities that are not listed on your website?

Yes, in fact we do more in terms of revenue for items that are not listed on our website than we do for items listed on our website! The reason we do not include larger quantities is we would prefer to keep our larger order prices confidential from our competition.


Will I receive a PDF proof before my order is sent to print?

Not by default, unless we would like to confirm something. If you require a proof please contact us.This may attract a surcharge.


Can I have a hard proof sent to me before printing?

We can provide hard proofs for orders over $5000 on request.


How can I supply artwork?

You can upload on our website (up to 8mb), you can email us directly at "sales at printcommercial.com.au" (we have separated the email to avoid spam bots). If your artwork is larger than this please use companies like dropbox or yousendit and email us the link. We will send you a PayPal payment request and once this is paid we will open the links (we do this second to avoid people sending us viruses).


Can I pickup my order?

Unfortunately not, however our prices normally include delivery anywhere in Australia.